senior adults




YES! (Young Enough to Serve)

To encourage those in our Fellowship who are 55 and over to participate in activities that foster spiritual growth and health, evangelistic outreach, and wholesome fellowship events. To promote strong focal points of need so that people may be involved in an area that interests them.


The heart of our ministry to Senior Adults is our Sunday morning LifeGroups. LifeGroups include both coed and separate groups for men and women. For a list of Bible groups and locations, please


PrimeTimers meet the second Thursday at 11:00 AM for various programs, mission outreach activities, and fellowship concluding with lunch at 11:45 AM.

Special events are scheduled from time to time including sightseeing tours. These are generally short trips which include some point of interest and having lunch out.

Join us Sunday at 9:00 AM for LifeGroups and at 10:15 AM for Worship


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